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Dependency Court - La Mesa CA

La Mesa CA Dependency Court

I have practiced dependency law for 28 years and still enjoy the field. I have represented all parties except the agency and social workers. I provide a free consultation.


All parents have a right to an appointed attorney in dependency court. I have previously been appointed to represent parents. Parents have many rights and responsibilities when their child is a dependent of the court. I am in a unique position to advise parents about those rights and responsibilities, so they can become better parents and reunify with their children.


People who have provided day to day care of a dependent child or children may qualify as a de facto parent and have some of the same rights as parents in dependency court. I have represented many de facto parents through the years and can help them navigate the complicated dependency system.


Relatives have many rights in dependency court. They have the right to request placement of children in their family, the right to be heard by the Court and the right to request visitation with the children in their family. Relatives should exercise their rights early or they risk losing the right to have children in their family placed with them. While social workers sometimes tell relatives, they do not need an attorney, keep in mind the social worker has an attorney representing them at every hearing.


Foster parents have the right to be heard by the dependency court. An attorney for a foster parent can also work with the social worker and minor’s counsel to see that the household needs are being met. I handle appeals for all of the above.


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